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Diploma In Nutrition & Dietics

Certificate in nutrition and dietetics

Diploma In Nutrition & Dietics

Zuri Beauty Academy offers a Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics for the ones who want to start a career as nutritionists.

Duration Eligibility Schedule
4 Months 10th Standard 5 Days/Week

The course empowers candidates to teach their clients about the duty of healthy eating and making them aware of developments in medicine and nutrition world. The nutrition and dietetics course acts as a stepping stone, allowing the candidates to work as nutrition consultant, public health officers, food technologists and more.Diploma In Nutrition & Dietics

Here at the best beauty academy in Chandigarh, the candidates are provided with comprehensive knowledge of nutrition. The course content includes food microbiology, weight management, sports nutrition, budget cooking, energy, nutrition during special situations and much more.


Diploma In Nutrition & Dietics

  • Nutrition
  • Digestion , Absorption , Transport + Excretion & Nutrients
  • Macro Nutrients-Carbohydrates , Fats, Proteins
  • Water , Acid Base Balance
  • Energy Metabolism
Diploma In Nutrition & Dietics

The candidates are advised to worked on their interpersonal skills as a nutritionist is expected to be compassionate, patient and motivational to ensure the improvement of their clients. To know more about the course, feel free to drop a query.

Our academy focuses on the all round development of all the candidates. To know more about the course, feel free to drop a query or contact Zuri Beauty Academy.